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Patient Billing


Hours and Contact
M–F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.




Patient Billing is available to answer questions about charges for visits to MIT Medical.

If you're a student, service fees for you and your dependent children (but not your spouse) appear on your tuition bill, which is generated by Student Financial Services. Service fees for other members of the MIT community are billed through MIT's Accounts Receivable Office.

If you have outside insurance, be sure to confirm that visits to MIT Medical services are covered, and then give us your insurance information so we can bill the carrier directly.


Stephanie Johnson, billing and registration manager, 617-253-0556,
Jennifer Christensen, employees and families, 617-253-4372,
Jamie Ertan, students and families, 617-253-4303,
Karla Woolfork, affiliates and families, 617-253-1328,
Maud Lawrence, retirees and Medicare, 617-253-4375,