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E23-Two West

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Phone: 617-253-4488

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None (for those with a primary care provider at MIT Medical)



MIT Medical’s travel health professionals provide advice, immunizations, and specialized medications to hundreds of individuals and families each year. For students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad for study, internships, or recreation, MIT Medical’s travel health services can provide the first step to a safe and healthy trip. This page includes important information for those planning to travel internationally.

Making a Travel Health Appointment

Travelers should schedule an appointment well in advance of their trip, ideally eight weeks prior to travel. Advance planning is crucial, because some vaccines may take up to a month to become fully effective, and others require a series of injections.

Immunizations and any prescriptions you receive will be based on your itinerary, planned activities, and any medical conditions you may have. We will also advise you about ways to minimize risk of infection from food, water, and insects in your destination area.

To schedule an appointment, call 617-253-4488 and request an appointment for travel advice.

  NOTE: MIT Medical has a limited supply of yellow fever vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains a searchable list of clinics where you can get the yellow fever vaccine if it's unavailable at MIT Medical.

Insurance Coverage for Immunizations

Travel immunizations are covered under the MIT Student Medical Plan (some with $25 copayments), the MIT Affiliate Medical Plan (some with $25 copayments), and the MIT Health Plans for employees (some with $25 copayments). Retirees covered by Medicare will be charged the full cost of most vaccines plus administration charges. If you have questions about your coverage for travel-related vaccines, call Claims and Member Services at 617-253-5979.

Group Travel

MIT Medical’s travel health specialists can present informational sessions to groups of 10 or more people who will be traveling together. These sessions will cover health concerns and immunization requirements for destination countries. Trip coordinators should schedule a presentation well in advance of the trip, preferably as soon as the itinerary and travel dates are known, by calling Howard Heller at 617-253-1615.

International SOS

MIT employees are covered by International SOS (ISOS) for emergency assistance while traveling abroad for both work-related and non-work-related trips. Students are covered by ISOS only while participating in MIT-sponsored trips but may also purchase coverage from ISOS for personal travel. Students and MIT employees traveling abroad are encouraged to register with ISOS prior to departure.

For additional information about ISOS or to obtain a membership card, visit the MIT Insurance Office web site or call the office at 617-324-5031. For other questions about MIT travel policies and coverage, visit the MIT Travel Office web site. Whitehead employees should contact their respective human resources departments regarding their travel coverage.

MIT’s ISOS program does not cover medical expenses. For information about health insurance coverage in the case of a medical emergency while traveling, consult your health plan. Whatever your coverage, do not hesitate to seek medical care if you become ill while traveling.

Pleaase note that ISOS is a medical assistance company, not an insurance company. MIT's ISOS program does not cover medical expenses.

Blue Cross Worldwide Program

If you are traveling abroad and are covered under one of the MIT insurance plans, you should be aware of the Blue Cross Worldwide Program. With this program you can identify doctors and hospitals across the globe that have contracted with Blue Cross to provide care for patients. If you have your Blue Cross card with you then the doctor or hospital will be able to bill Blue Cross directly for services. A list of participating doctors and hospitals is available on the Blue Cross Worldwide website.

Please note that the MIT insurance plans offer emergency care only while traveling overseas.

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