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FollowMyHealth@MITMedical FAQ

What can I do with FollowMyHealth@MITMedical?

You can use FollowMyHealth@MITMedical to:

  • View lab results.
  • Review and update your health history.
  • Look up vital signs, prescriptions, immunization history, and more.
  • Request, reschedule, or cancel appointments.
  • Receive reminders for upcoming visits.
  • Send secure messages to your providers.
  • Order prescription refills.
  • Set up customized notifications for appointment reminders and messages.

What if I have issues logging in or have technical problems with my account?

Technical Support is available M–F, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET, by calling 888-670-9775 or emailing

What if I have concerns about the accuracy of my medical information within FollowMyHealth@MITMedical?

Please contact your provider's office.

Why do I need to sign up in person?

For security purposes, we require photo to verify your identity. Your MIT ID or any government-issued photo ID is acceptable.

How can I log into FollowMyHealth?

You can access FollowMyHealth@MITMedical by creating a secure login account through the program, or by using Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Live ID login. These outside services all adhere to Open Authentication 2.0 Standards, which provide for a safe and secure login. And they are used ONLY for login purposes; FollowMyHealth@MITMedical does NOT allow outside systems to access your medical records or any other content available to you through FollowMyHealth.

If I log in to FollowMyHealth@MITMedical via Facebook, could updates and notifications appear on my Facebook wall?

No, never. Information from FollowMyHealth@MITMedical is never posted to any external location.

How do I request prescription refills?

Click on the "My Health" tab, and visit the Medication link. From there, you can see your prescription history and request any refills. If you would like to pick-up your prescription at Lincoln Lab please note that in the comment field. Medications that were not prescribed by current MIT Medical providers cannot be renewed through FollowMyHealth@MIT Medical, even if they appear on your list. The pill box icon will be greyed out in this case.

If the prescription renewal is not available online you can call the 24-hour prescription refill line: Call 617-253-0202 any time, day or night, to order. If refillable, your prescription will be ready for pickup the next business day. If the prescription requires a renewal authorization from your provider, the pharmacy will contact the provider for you.

How do I request an appointment?

There are two ways to request appointments. The first way is by going through one of the appointment links—either clicking the appointment box in the top right corner of your FollowMyHealth@MITMedical homepage or using the Request Appt link at the top of the site. Alternatively, you can navigate to the "My Providers" section of your FollowMyHealth account and select the provider you wish to see.

Can I request my first appointment with my new PCP or specialist using FollowMyHealth?

Unfortunately, no. You need to see a provider face-to-face first, before you can access that person within Follow My Health. After your first visit, your PCP or provider's name will appear in your FollowMyHealth@MITMedical provider list, and you will be able to use the FollowMyHealth online portal to communicate securely with your provider or to request appointments.

How do I receive appointment reminders?

Click on the My Account link located in the top right hand corner of each page, and then go to Preferences and select Notification Preferences.

How do I view my lab results and health history?

Click on the "My Health" tab to view lab results. Lab results will be available 24 hours after your provider has verified them. You can also use this tab to look up past visits, vital signs, prescriptions, and immunization history. If you can't find what you are looking for in FollowMyHealth@MIT Medical, be assured that your complete medical record is still available in print from our Medical Records Service. For more information, please visit "How do I access my records?"

Can my children have FollowMyHealth@MITMedical accounts?

Family members who are 18 or older can sign up for their own FollowMyHealth@MITMedical (FMH) accounts, and parents may sign up for FMH accounts for children under 14 years of age. However, to ensure patient privacy, full FMH access is not available to parents of patients 14–17 years of age or to adolescents themselves, except MIT students.

Once the child turns 14, no new medical information will be entered into the his or her FMH account, but parents may obtain a "young adult proxy" to access the child's older medical information (such as vaccine records). With the proxy account, parents may also use FMH to send secure messages to the child's provider. Once the child turns 18, the account is turned off completely.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please speak with your child's provider.

What if my clinician doesn't participate in FMH?

If your clinician doesn't participate in FollowMyHealth@MITMedical, you can make appointments, request prescription refills, and get any information you need by calling your clinician's office directly.

How is my Health Information protected?

FollowMyHealth@MITMedical uses a secure, well-established third-party software system. All data sent to or from FollowMyHealth@MITMedical or stored by FollowMyHealth@MITMedical are encrypted in compliance with HIPAA. All logins occur over secure connections (HTTPS).

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