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Fitness and Weight Loss Benefits

The Fitness Benefit Program and Weight Loss Benefit Program are available to the members of the MIT Traditional Health Plan and MIT Choice Plan. Members of the Student and Affiliate Extended Insurance Plans are not eligible. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts administers both programs.

Fitness benefit

The Fitness Benefit is a $150 annual reimbursement per family for qualified health club membership fees incurred by you or covered family members.

To be reimbursed, you need to be a member of both the health club and one of the MIT employee health plans for four consecutive months in a calendar year. If you join either the health club or an MIT employee health plan after September, you will not be eligible for the benefit until the following calendar year. You are eligible for this reimbursement only once per calendar year, and the form must be submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts by March 31 of the following year.

Membership at most health clubs that have a variety of cardiovascular and strength training exercise equipment qualifies you for this benefit. Examples of qualifying memberships include:

Memberships in the following types of organizations are not covered:

  • Martial arts centers
  • Gymnastics facilities
  • Country clubs
  • Tennis, aerobic, or pool-only facilities
  • Social clubs
  • Sports teams and leagues

The Fitness Benefit does not cover aerobic/ fitness activity fees paid to non-qualified health clubs, including fees paid for personal training, lessons, coaching, exercise equipment, or clothing.

Weight-loss benefit

The Weight-Loss Benefit allows you or any covered family member to receive an annual reimbursement of $150 per family for enrollment in one of these qualified weight-loss programs:

  • Traditional Weight Watchers meetings
  • Weight Watchers at Work (for more information about meetings on the MIT campus, contact Donna Lagrotteria at 617-253-2747 or
  • Any hospital-based program

The Weight-Loss benefit does not cover:

  • Weight Watchers Online
  • Weight Watchers at Home
  • Fees for other weight-loss programs or items, individual nutrition counseling sessions, food, books, videos, scales, or items not included with class fees.

How do I get reimbursed?

Download a claim form in English or Spanish from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts website’s Health and Wellness page. In addition to the completed claim form, you’ll need the following documentation:

Fitness benefit:

  • A copy of your health club agreement or contract that includes the name and address of the health club and the membership or class dates.
  • Photocopies of dated, paid receipts, or bank or credit card statements or paycheck stub if your club fees are automatically deducted from one of those accounts. Documents should include the name of the family member enrolled in the club and the individual charges for a full four months of health club membership or class fees.

Weight-loss benefit:

  • Photocopies of paid receipts from the qualified program in which you enroll. Receipts must show your name, name/logo of program, amount paid per session(s), and date(s) paid. For qualified Weight Watchers programs, a photocopy of your program “Membership Book” showing this information is required.

Keep copies of all submitted paperwork. Denied services will appear on your claim summary.

Enrollment Questions

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