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The MIT Student Health Plan provides students with comprehensive, high-quality health care during their time at MIT. The convenience of our medical services on campus, the expertise and experience of our physicians, and our affiliation with top hospitals in the Boston area are only a few of the Student Health Plan’s advantages.

All registered students are eligible for the MIT Student Health Plan. The plan is comprised of two levels of care:

MIT Student Medical Plan: Provides students with access to care and services at MIT Medical as part of their tuition. The plan covers primary care, certain medical specialties, urgent care, mental health care, and other services, such as health screenings and access to the MIT pharmacy. Most services are covered in full.

MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan: Meets state requirements* for comprehensive health insurance. In addition to the care and services provided by the MIT Student Medical Plan, students receive access to inpatient hospitalization, inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment, surgical procedures, emergency room services, and other benefits, such as annual eye exams and prescription drugs. Students are automatically enrolled in, and billed for, the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. Students who choose other insurance must submit a waiver request to cancel coverage and reverse the charges. They must also show proof that their insurance coverage meets state requirements.

* For more information on Massachusetts insurance requirements or to request a waiver, please go to our waiver FAQ page.

Have you moved?

Please update your personal information with the MIT Health Plans Office and WebSIS.

Are you graduating?

If you’re graduating from MIT, your MIT Health Plan coverage will be ending, so you need to arrange for other insurance coverage and health care providers for yourself and any dependents. You may be able to get insurance through an employer or graduate school, by joining or remaining on your parents’ family plan, or by buying insurance on your own. Learn more.


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