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How do I choose or change my primary care provider (PCP)?

If you’re covered by any MIT health plan, choosing an MIT Medical PCP for the first time—or changing from one MIT Medical PCP to another—is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse:

  1. Use our online form to see a list of MIT Medical PCPs who are accepting new patients,
  2. Click on any provider’s name for more information about that person,
  3. Use the form at the bottom of that page to make your selection.

If you’re a new employee, you can choose an MIT Medical PCP as part of your initial benefits-selection process using MIT’s Atlas Self-Service website.

Who are MIT Medical’s PCPs?

Primary care providers (PCPs) at MIT Medical include both physicians and nurse practitioners. Our PCPs include specialists in internal medicine and family practice for adults, pediatricians for children, and specialists in adolescent medicine and family practice for young adults.

Who should select an MIT Medical PCP?

  • Students and affiliates: If you are enrolled in one of the student or affiliate health plans, you must get your primary care at MIT Medical, and you are encouraged, though not required, to select a PCP.
  • MIT Traditional Health Plan members: All employees and family members covered by the MIT Traditional Health Plan are required to choose a PCP at MIT Medical. Each enrolled family member must have his or her own PCP.
  • MIT Choice Plan members: With the MIT Choice Plan, you and your covered family members may choose PCPs at MIT Medical or from the extensive Blue Cross Blue Shield of New England network. For example, if you work at MIT or Lincoln Laboratory, you can get your primary care at MIT Medical while your children stay with their pediatrician closer to home and your spouse selects a PCP near his or her workplace. Learn more about the advantages of having your PCP at MIT Medical in Cambridge or at Lincoln Laboratory.

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