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MIT Medical and Community Wellness offer groups focusing on various issues and interests, including support groups and group counseling.

MIT spouses&partners

A support and resource network for the wives, husbands, and significant others of students, staff, and faculty. Build a social network, learn a new language, and locate the resources you need to build a life in Boston.

Group counseling

The Mental Health and Counseling Service offers many different therapy, support, and discussion groups for members of the MIT community.


An annual 12-week, team-oriented fitness challenge open to the entire MIT community. The goal of getfit@mit is to help make MIT a healthier community by encouraging participants to exercise regularly.

MedLinks (for undergraduates)

A residentially based peer advocacy program. Trained student representatives called MedLinks live among other students and offer private, accessible, one-on-one peer support and referrals for a range of student concerns, including nutrition and fitness, food and body-image issues, sexual health, sexual and relationship violence, substance use and abuse, mental health, stress and sleep issues, and physical ailments. Many MedLinks have also completed CPR training, which allows them to respond to incidents of chest pain, choking, breathing difficulties, and other emergencies.

Community Wellness at MIT Medical

M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.