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Community Wellness

at MIT Medical

Eating Healthfully

Community Wellness helps you practice healthful and mindful eating, which means consciously noticing what you’re eating and making healthy choices. We also help you learn to recognize and respond to the warning signs for eating and body image problems.

How we can help

Medical Services

Contact your primary care provider or one of the following clinicians about using nutrition to help manage diabetes, blood pressure, or other health conditions; losing or gaining weight, or managing an eating disorder.

  • Audra Bartz, Mental Health and Counseling clinician and coordinator of MIT Medical's Eating Concerns team617-263-2916
  • Anna Jasonides, Nutrition 617-253-1546 (referral required)

Community Wellness at MIT Medical

  • Classes, workshops and groups
    • “Making Peace with Food”—a recurring 10-week discussion group co-sponsored by Mental Health and Counseling and Community Wellness that helps foster a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image. Call 617-253-2916.
    • Health and Wellness: Nutrition/Fitness—a course offered for PE credit by Community Wellness through DAPER. Topics include components and benefits of a healthy diet and physical activity as well as tips on how to achieve personal goals and boost productivity.
  • One-on-one consultations with wellness specialist Zan Barry to help you connect with resources and groups. Call 617-253-3646.



  • The hunger scale helps you gauge your hunger cues and appetite before you eat.
  • The mindful eating journal lets you record your meals as well as your hunger level and emotional state while eating.
  • Late-night eating tips can help you make healthy choices when the snacking urge hits in the wee hours.

Other resources:

Community Wellness at MIT Medical

Zan Barry
Mindful eating, nutrition, and body image concerns

Also at MIT Medical

Mental Health and Counseling Service

Anna Jasonides
Nutrition Service
617-253-1546 (referral required)